Microsoft Business Intelligence

Our Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Track to help bring professionals to the next level in their career by learning to design and develop BI systems that help reduce the complexity of organizing and distributing information for mid- to large-size organizations, through the use of the latest versions of Microsoft's BI tools, including SQL Server 2008R2, SharePoint 2010, Excel Services 2010, and PowerPivot 2010.

The BI training begins with introductory and advanced Transact-SQL Programming. T-SQL Programming is often a litmus test for BI developers, so we cover over 100 different SQL queries across a wide variety of situations.

SQL Server Integration Services [SSIS]


  • Introduction to SSIS
  • SSIS Architecture
  • Basic SSIS Entities
  • SSIS Customizations
  • SSIS Expressions
  • SSIS Debugging Options
  • Data Flow Transformations
  • Processing XML Data
  • Operating system level tasks
  • Custom Activities
  • Package Controls
  • Package Configurations
  • Error Handling
  • SSIS Logging
  • Deployment Procedures
  • File System Deployment
  • SQL Server Deployment
  • Deployment Management
  • Managing Security
  • Upgrading Packages
  • Two-Tier SSIS Integrations

SQL Server Analysis Services [SSAS]


  • Introduction to SSAS
  • Data warehouse Architecture
  • Basic SSAS Entities
  • Dimension Wizard
  • Cube Wizard
  • Cube Operations
  • SSAS Partitions and Aggregations
  • MDX Specifics and Functions
  • Data Mining and Forecast
  • SSAS Deployment
  • SSAS Logging
  • OLAP Database Management
  • Usage Based Optimizations (UBO)
  • Managing Security
  • Schedules and Upgrades

SQL Server Reporting Services [SSRS]


  • Introduction to SSRS
  • Reporting Services Architecture
  • Introduction to SSRS Tools
  • Report Planning and Design
  • Report Data Sets
  • Report Designs
  • Using Report Designer
  • SSRS using OLAP Sources
  • Report Models
  • Delivering Reports
  • Report Builder
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Managing Reports
  • SSRS Logging
  • Scheduling and Subscriptions
  • SSRS Security
  • SSRS Configurations
  • Server Upgrades