Web Designing

Do you love websites?

Yes, means that is enough for us to train you to become the best web designer cum developer in the internet world. Websites are the most important thing for any type of business now-a-days. We will cover all the essential topics from the ground level to advanced level. Our trainers for web designing are working in various web-development agencies. We created nearly 200+ websites in the past years.



  • Introduction to WWW
  • Hypertext and Hypertext Markup Language
  • HTML Documents
  • Structural Elements Of HTML Documents
  • Formatting HTML Documents
  • Managing Images In HTML
  • Tables In HTML Documents
  • Hypertext and Link in HTML Documents
  • Special Effects in HTML Documents
  • Multimedia
  • Managing Forms

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets


  • Introduction
  • CSS and XHTML
  • Selectors
  • Layout
  • Adding Colors and Backgrounds
  • Setting Typography
  • Using Margins and Borders
  • Creating Tables
  • Styling for Print
  • Bringing It All Together



  • Introduction
  • Core JavaScript Syntax
  • Types and Objects
  • Understanding the DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Working with the DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Working with Events and Event Listeners
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Building Smarter Forms
  • UI Enhancement
  • JavaScript Best Practices
  • JavaScript Libraries
  • JavaScript and HTML
  • Advanced JavaScript Features
  • Putting It All Together



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