AngularJS 2.0 Training in Porur:

 Learn AngularJS 2 training in Porur,Chennai from experts in web development industry. AngularJS is launched by google and it is free open source JavaScript framework. Initially google have launched a AngularJS and it is perfectly suitable to single page application for example, enterprise solution, process management tool etc. It is now trending technology in web development.

Besant technologies is a No.1 AngularJS training institute in Porur,chennai to provide a best in class standard syllabus. We hold the pride of placing more than 2500+ students in web development industries. We also have in house project development available to offer job opportunities.

AnjularJS 2 has been released by Google to overcome with search engine optimization issues. Many of the companies now shifted their application from AngularJS and AngularJS 2 to increase SEO performance. We cover all techniques and concepts in AnjularJS 2 and we are best AngularJS  training in Porur,Chennai.

AngularJS2 Training Syllabus


  • Basic introduction Javascript.
  • Difference between Javascript and typescript.
  • Setting environment


  • Arichitecture of angularjs2
  • Component definition
  • Module definition
  • Meta data
  • Practise

Concepts Core

  • Forms definition
  • Service using JSON and binding the values
  • Ngfor,NgSwitch and other looping functions.
  • practicing the conditions
  • Components definition and practice
  • Module Definition and practice
  • Directive Definition and practice.

Build Mobile application

  • Dependency Injection
  • Cordova , Phone Gap and build Mobile application.
  • Taking Android Build and checking the application.
  • Practicing the code in mobile application.

Hybrid Mobile application Development.

  • Dom Manipulation
  • Custom Directives
  • Ionic architecture and flow
  • How ionic working
  • Hybrid workflow and architecture.

Ionic Concepts

  • Ionic Navcontroller and other concepts.
  • Navpush and navpop.
  • Developing ionic components
  • practicing ionic


  • Building mobile application
  • Sample projects
  • Working with cordova plugins.
  • Implementing Cordova and testing it