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Besant Technology is the best Dot Net training institute in Chennai. Our trainers are experienced and industry top most working professionals. We are well known for our placements and training concepts. Our trainers re having about more than nine years of experience. They train our students with the real experience they got in the past years. We hold the No. 1 Dot Net training institute in Chennai for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best Dot Net training in Chennai branches Velachery, OMR and in Tambaram.

We maintain the best placement record compared to any other institute in Chennai and we hold the pride of the same. Dot Net is the perfect programming language developed by Microsoft corporation by Feb 2002. Dot Net framework is said to have various set of libraries. At the same time these variables will support various languages such as VB.NET, C# Dot NET, ASP.NET and more. These libraries are the pillars of Dot Net.  Usually architects of Do Net framework face a number of problem while coding in C and C++ platform. There are correct solution for those hurdles in Dot Net framework. One of the biggest feature of Dot Net framework is its graphical user interface. Without the need of coding we can do the drag and drop function using IDE. Also at every releases there are many more features being added. Silver light and azure are few among them. We provide the best Dot Net training with placements and real time learning concepts. The real time practical oriented training will help you a lot in companies. Intellisense is another big feature of the framework. It works better in auto completing the words when you type in IDE. Also it suggests various other different words while typing.

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Learn the Dot net training in Chennai at Besant technologies from beginner level to advance level from experienced working professionals.

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 Advanced .Net Course Syllabus


Overview of the ASP.NET MVC

  • Introduction of ASP.NET MVC
  • Role of Model, View, and Controller
  • How ASP.NET MVC Works
  • Benefits of using ASP.NET MVC
  • Comparison of ASP.NET VS ASP.NET MVC
  • Summary

Getting Started with MVC and its Action Result type

  • Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project
  • Creating views
  • Defining controllers
  • Defining a data model
  • Overview of coding standards follows during programming
  • Types of Action Result in MVC
  • Summary

Creating an application in MVC using Razor View Engine

  • Creating strongly-typed views
  • Understanding URLs and action methods
  • TempData, view Bag and View Data with example
  • Data Annotations
  • Validation in MVC
  • Razor Basics and Implementation of Razor view
  • Accessing Model Data in Razor views
  • Defining and using HTML Helpers
  • Defining and Designing a layout Page
  • Defining and using partial views

Using AJAX and jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

  • Overview of AJAX
  • Using AJAX Action Links
  • Overview of jQuery
  • jQuery Techniques
  • Using post and get methods in jquery
  • Using AJAX and Jquery in MVC with Example

Overview of Entity Framework and its approaches

  • Over View of Entity Framework
  • Code First Approach with example
  • Model First Approach with example
  • Database First Approach with example

Working with ASP.NET MVC Applications using EF Approaches Code First, Model First, Database first

  • NET application architecture best practices
  • Implementing a Repository and Entity Framework Data Model
  • Define Dependency Injection
  • Using Dependency Injection
  • Accessing a Repository in controller

Import and Export Excel file in MVC

  • Basics of I/O classes in MVC
  • Basics of input and output streams.
  • Create the excel document with records and create the view to upload/import the excel
  • How to import an excel from view to the database
  • Export the Data from Database to excel
  • Summary

Convert web grid into PDF file in MVC

  • Create the view using web grid
  • How to convert the webgrid into pdf
  • Summary

Sending Emails

  • Designing email panel
  • How to send an email to various users
  • Sending auto emails
  • Summary

Integration of WCF service with MVC

  • Basics of WCF service creation
  • WCF and its types of contracts
  • How to consume the WCF service with MVC
  • Summary

Creating a sample MVC Application using AJAX and JQUERY, WCF service and Repository in MVC

  • Design, Develop and Build the MVC Application using all the functionalities (Jquery, wcf, repository, ajaxcalls etc.,)