Pega training in Chennai:

Learn pega training in Chennai from the expert in business process management tool. Our trainers are experienced working professionals in pega tool. There are many business management tool in industry, but best among those is pega. Pega is getting more popular in day by day, since PEGA is not like other conventional programming language to develop things from the scratch, just need to design process flow and rest will be done by pega tool without including any additional scripting languages. We hold the No. 1 pega training institute in Chennai for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best pega training in Chennai branches Velachery, OMR and in Tambaram.

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Using pega you can enhance the customer engagement in marketing automation, sales automation, customer services and customer relationship management. To learn pega, we need to have good analytical skill. Nowadays, everything is getting automated. Pega is tool, where you can automate the business process without having lots of coding lines. We at besant technologies always looking to provide the training to our students with 100% practical sessions, even though pega tool is not free version, we will provide training with the maximum live sessions to understand the core concept in better way.

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Pega training syllabus:

Pega application and platform overview:

  • Pega platform
  • Learn about Pega industry and CRM
  • Best practices and guardrails
  • Prototyping an Application using Pega Express

Designing a case life cycle:


  • Assigning work
  • Enforcing service levels
  • Creating user views
  • Case Design using Designer Studio

Requirements management:


  • Managing case life cycle exceptions
  • Adding optional business process events
  • Sending correspondence
  • Guiding users through a business process
  • Designing complex process flows
  • Report Planning and Design

Application Design:


  • The role of the system architect
  • The building blocks of a Pega application
  • Accessing applications
  • Assessing guardrail compliance
  • Case Design
  • Creating cases and child cases

Data Model Design


  • Data elements in Pega applications
  • Setting property values automatically
  • Setting property values declaratively
  • Passing data to another case
  • Reviewing application data

 Process Design


  • Activities
  • Configuring a work party
  • Configuring a service level agreement
  • Routing assignments
  • Configuring correspondence
  • Circumstancing rules

 Pega Decision Design


  • Automated decisions in Pega applications
  • Configuring when rules
  • Configuring decision tables and decision trees

 Pega UI Design


  • Designing a UI form
  • Reusing text with paragraph rules
  • Configuring responsive UI behavior
  • Designing a dynamic UI
  • Validating user data

 Report Design


  • Creating reports
  • Optimizing report data

 Data Management


  • Caching data with data pages
  • Managing reference data
  • Integration in Pega applications
  • Creating a connector

Application Debugging

Debugging Pega applications


BPM Overview, Project Implementation Methodology, Class Structures & Hierarchy


  • Introduction to BPM
  • Introduction to PRPC
  • Smart BPM
  • Build for change
  • Application Documents
  • DCO
  • Application express
  • PRPC frameworks
  • Class structure in PRPC
  • ECS
  • Inheritance
  • Class groups

Data Modeling


  • Define PRPC classes
  • Data branch
  • Property Types and Modes – Single and page properties


Process Flow – Flow & Flow Actions, SLA


  • Different flow shapes and their purpose
  • Usage
  • Creation
  • Flow Actions
  • SLA – Creation, Usage


User Interface


  • Properties display and validation
  • Layouts
  • Harness
  • Sections
  • Style Branding


Decision Rules


  • Creation of different decision rules, usage in flows and activities.


Declarative rules


  • Forward chaining
  • Backward chaining
  • RDE
  • Declare constraints
  • Declare triggers
  • OnChange


Case Management


  • Work flow
  • Units of work
  • Work status
  • Locking
  • Design correspondence
  • Send correspondence


PRPC Database Concepts


  • Role of PegaRules DB
  • Link between rules and DB
  • Basic tables
  • Exposing column properties




  • Definition
  • Configuration
  • Steps
  • Parameters
  • Security
  • Common methods


Integration with external systems


  • SOA
  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • Connectors & Services
  • Listeners
  • Connect SQL


Rule Management & Security


  • Rule
  • Ruleset
  • Ruleset version
  • Rule resolution algorithm
  • Operator ID
  • Access group
  • Access role
  • Privilege


Performance, PRPC Guardrails & Topics revision.


  • Clipboard
  • Alerts
  • Pre-flight
  • PAL
  • DB trace
  • Tracer
  • SMA
  • 10 guardrails
  • Iterative approach
  • Class structure
  • Build for change
  • Design intent driven process
  • Security and object