VBA Training in Chennai:

Get trained in using VBA (Visual Basic Application) training in chennai location from beginner level to expert level. Our instructors are talented and experienced working professionals. We make sure that you get trained the learning concepts in practical manner out of training. VBA (Visual Basic Application) is nothing but the application used for writing micro codes in excel that helps in automation of work that we do daily. We hold the No. 1 VBA training institute in Chennai for the professionally crafted syllabus from industry work professional guidance. Thus we provide best VBA training in Chennai branches Velachery, OMR and in Tambaram.

We are the best VBA training institute in Chennai and we hold the pride of placing more than 4500+ students in top MNC’s.

Other than automation we can also do automate other MS suite applications through excel VBA that simplifies the tedious work into simpler one. VBA has a wide range of libraries that helps in breaking down the tedious work into simpler one. It helps us reducing time and effort and increasing the efficiency by qualifying the work.

We provide excellent training to our students who have great passion towards learning excel. Our trainers provide coaching like nook and corner about the application in order to cope up with the organization needs and requirements. Our trainers are experienced and are working professionals with real time experience. Job opportunity in VBA sector is always on rise.

There is always a bright option for those who master in excel and is a high demand for professionals for automation of work. On completion of course we provide certification offered by Microsoft for every module of MS-office suite.

VBA Training Syllabus

Basic topics

  • Introduction
  • How to add Developer Tool bar
  • Options in Developer Tool bar
  • Record a Macro
  • Edit the recorded macro
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Form Controls
  • Excel dialog Sheets
  • Options is VBA Screen
  • Enable properties
  • Views in VBA Screen
  • Locking of projects
  • Run option
  • Break options
  • Immediate Windows
  • Basic User forms
  • References
  • Object library

Advanced Topics

  • Working with VBA Editor
  • Option Explicit/Base coding
  • Worksheet Events
  • VBA Programming Concept
  • VBA Syntax and Semantics
  • Variable types and Declarations
  • Repeating Actions with Loops
  • Procedures
  • File handling
  • Controlling 3rd party applications
  • Excel Object Model
    • Application Object
    • Workbooks and Worksheets
    • Ranges and Cells
    • Numerical and String Functions
    • Dates and Time
    • Formatting Excel Objects
    • Files Import and Export
    • Excel Event
  • Error handlings
  • Functions in VBA
  • How to apply Worksheet functions in VBA
  • Advanced User forms

Connecting Data from Excel to User forms