PEGA , an efficient and robust BPM tool developed on java is not a language or database or operating system but a software framework which is process driven, from which one can build intelligent, business process aware applications. The core of PEGA is PRPC (PegaRULES Process Commander®) server, which is written in Java, provides the platform for the developers to design and build application. For Smooth functioning of this server, an Operating System, a Java application server, a database and a Java JDK are needed.

Like any other conventional programming, here also, One has to design user interface, write business logic, applications logic, create physical and logical mode of databases etc., One may wonder then what makes PEGA different and robust.?? The difference is that in PEGA, to build or develop anything (UI, data access logics, validation rules etc) processes and gadgets are available and one need not have to build the system from the scratch. Here, one has to design the Business Process and decide the functionality and Pega does the rest.

Also,it provides a business friendly toolkit for defining applications. Unlike the other BPM tools, there are much less complicated, technical syntax to handle in modeling processes and hardly any hard-coded programming. this tool allows any business user to capture and process the full scope of work in their operations, all those tasks can be built into a process flow in order to automate as much as possible.One more interesting thing about Pega is its design-once, deploy-anywhere user interface. For instance, If one makes intuitive user interface for the desktop, the Pega software will be able to replicate this to other channels like tablets and mobile phones Besides that, there is the ability to hook in business data and also tap on big data to improve decision making in any process flow.

In order to master this tool , strong analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of Core OO are needed. To know more about pega, look into Besant tech’s Pega Training in Chennai page.