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29Jan 18

Next Level Of Android Protection

Posted by: Raajendra prasath

Today we launched the latest version of Android Wear SDK (2.2.0) with several improvements related to the clock. These include the addition of an unread notification indicator for all faces of the watch, which is planned to be part of the upcoming Android Wear consumer launch. With the Wear SDK 2.2.0, you can customize the…

19Sep 17

Pega – the emerging BPM tool

Posted by: Besant

Pega – the emerging BPM tool PEGA , an efficient and robust BPM tool developed on java is not a language or database or operating system but a software framework which is process driven, from which one can build intelligent, business process aware applications. The core of PEGA is PRPC (PegaRULES Process Commander®) server, which…

16Sep 17

Top 5 selenium interview questions

Posted by: Besant

Top 5 selenium interview questions How one use Selenium to upload a file ? “type” command to type in a file input box of upload file. Then, you have to use “Robot” class in JAVA to make file upload work. Which web driver implementation is fastest? HTML Driver implementation is fastest, HTML Driver does not…