1) How one use Selenium to upload a file ?

  • “type” command to type in a file input box of upload file. Then, you have to use “Robot” class in JAVA to make file upload work.

2) Which web driver implementation is fastest?

  • HTML Driver implementation is fastest, HTML Driver does not execute tests on browser but plain http request, which is far quick than launching a browser and executing tests

3) what is Selenium 3.0?

Selenium 3.0 is the latest version of Selenium. It has released 2 beta versions of selenium 3.0 with few of the below changes:

  • Beta 1 updates
  • Beta 2 updates (Only for Java)
  • Minimum Java version is now 8+
  • System property web driver. Firefox. marionette now forces the server in marionette or legacy Firefox driver mode, ignoring any related Desired Capability
  • It will support for Firefox Via Mozilla’s gecko driver
  • Grid fixes NPE’s on registration when -browser not specified
  • Support for Edge is provided by MS
  • It now supports Safari on MacOS via Apple’s own Safari driver
  • Update Gecko Driver –port argument in all bindings

4) How Selenium Server Differ From Selenium Hub?

Selenium server is a standalone application which is used for single server as a test node. Selenium hub acts as a proxy in front of one or more Selenium node instances. A hub + node(s) is called a Selenium grid.

5) Name different types of drivers available in Selenium WebDriver.

  • Firefox driver
  • Internet explorer driver
  • Chrome driver
  • Safari driver
  • Opera driver
  • Android Driver
  • iPhone Driver
  • HTMLUnit driver